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The mainstream media–fearing it will be labeled “partisan” and “leftist”–generally refuses to call the Right on its lies and slanders.

Meanwhile, Rightist organs–such as The Washington Times–continue spewing a McCarthyist brew of fear and smears.

Consider the July 22, 2012 editorial that appeared in The Washington Times: “President’s Socialist Takeover Must Be Stopped.”

Written by its columnist, Jeffrey T. Kuhner, it called for the impeachment of President Barack Obama.

Among his allged “high crimes and misdemeanors”:

The state is intervening in every aspect of American life–beyond its constitutionally delegated bounds. Under Mr. Obama, the Constitution has become a meaningless scrap of paper.

Kuhner didn’t object when the administration of George W. Bush:

  • Gave us an unprovoked war against Iraq founded on lies;
  • Authorized the use of torture;
  • Drafted laws that allegedly protected consumers and the environment–laws written by lobbyists for drug and oil companies; and
  • Gave us a “co-Presidency where Vice President Dick Cheney ruled as “power-behind-the-throne.”

[Obama conspired] to cause chaos for the Mexican citizens by letting…guns go into the drug cartels’ hands and terrorize the Mexican citizens. Forcing them to flee north across the border. Which would create a need for a refugee program for the fleeing Mexicans.

President Obama doesn’t need to create chaos in Mexico, which has always been a failed nation-state.  Nor does he have to encourage Mexicans to illegally enter the United States. 

The Mexican Government has long used its American border to free itself of those who might otherwise demand major reforms in the country’s political and economic institutions. 

If Republicans win back Congress in November, they should–and likely will–launch formal investigations into this criminal, scandal-ridden administration….

Mr. Obama has betrayed the American people.  Impeachment is the only answer.  This usurper must fall.

Of course he’s a usurper: He defeated a Republican candidate for President in 2008!  Everyone on the Right believes the United States should be a one-party country–with Republicans’ being the only ones allowed to hold office. 

Of course Republicans should dominate the House of Representatives; the Senate; the White House; the Justice Department; the courts; the Pentagon. 

After all, if holding total power was good enough for the fascists running Adolf Hitler’s Germany, it’s certainly good enough for the fascists who burn to command America today.

Finally: It’s helpful to remember that the Washington Times is owned by the Unification Church of the late Sun Myung Moon (1920 – 2012).  Moon, in his role of self-styled “messiah,” lived well off the labors of his underpaid and brainwashed followers. 

Sun Myung Moon

In 1982, Moon was convicted of filing false federal income tax returns and conspiracy to subvert American tax laws.  It’s only natural that those who share Moon’s Rightist beliefs should consider themselves above the laws they intend to vigorously apply against everyone else.

* * * * *

The First Amendment of the United State Constitution specifically establishes a protection of “freedom of the press.”

Political reporters are empowered by their employers to learn–and report–all they can about the actual workings of the American political system.

And they are often given privileged access to those workings by influential men and women running for office or holding it.

This is no mere textbook exercise in high-school civics but a matter of deadly importance.

Democracy is founded on the belief that voters can effectively govern themselves.

But that belief works only when voters can learn the truth about the institutions that govern their lives–and about those who run those institutions.

Allowing members of one political party–in this case, the Republicans–to blatantly lie about their opponents and stir unwarranted fears in voters stands as a betrayal of the trust given those reporters.

Portraying the ruthless pursuit of absolute power by one political party–the Republicans–as merely “politics as usual” amounts to a similar betrayal of the public trust.

“Fascism,” warned Ernest Hemingway shortly before the outbreak of World War II, “is a lie told by bullies.”

Seventy-one years ago, the United States declared war on the lies and aggression of global Fascism.  Twelve million Americans served in uniform until Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were dead, and their legions utterly defeated.

Too many Americans believe that Fascism died in 1945 with Hitler and Mussolini.  It didn’t. 

The struggle against those who make a profession of lying and aggression continues.  It is the duty of the press to see that struggle for what it is–and to report it accurately and courageously.

To describe the efforts of a ruthless political party to gain absolute power as merely “politics s usual” is to mock the truth and abdicate the most important duty of a journalist.

The duty of journalists is to tell the truth,” wrote historian and political criitic Noam Chomsky, “Journalism means you go back to the actual facts, you look at the documents, you discover what the record is, and you report it that way.”

That is a philosophy of journalistic integrity that too many reporters have forgotten.

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