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When Germany’s Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler, wanted to invade Poland in 1939, he mounted a propaganda campaign to “justify” his intentions.

Adolf Hitler

German “newspapers”–produced by Joseph Goebbels, the club-footed Minister of Propaganda–carried fictitious stories of how brutal Poles were beating and even murdering their helpless German citizens.

In theaters, German audiences saw phony newsreels showing Poles attacking and raping German women living in Poland.

For a time, Hitler not only deceived the Germans but the world.

Just before German tanks and troops invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, members of Hitler’s dreaded SS rounded up a number of prisoners from German concentration camps.

They inmates were dressed in Polish Army uniforms and driven to a German radio station at Gleiwitz, on the German/Polish border.  There they were shot by SS men.  Then Polish-speaking SS men “seized” the station and broadcast to Germany that a Polish invasion was now under way.

Leaders of Britain and France were taken in by this ruse.  They had pledged to go to war if Hitler attacked Poland–but they didn’t want to take on Germany if Poland had been the aggressor.

By the time the truth became known, Poland was securely in German hands.

On August 22, Hitler had outlined his strategy to a group of high-ranking military officers:

I shall give a propagandist cause for starting the war.  Never mind whether it is plausible or not.  The victor will not be asked, later on, whether he told the truth or not.  In starting and waging a war, it is not Right that matters, but Victory.

President George W. Bush followed a similar strategy while he prepared to invade Iraq:  He ordered the topmost members of his administration to convince the American people of its necessity.

George W. Bush

Among their arguments–all eventually revealed as lies–were:

  • Saddam had worked hand-in-glove with Bin Laden to plan 9/11.
  • Saddam was harboring and supporting Al Qaeda throughout Iraq.
  • Saddam, with help from Al Qaeda, was scheming to build a nuclear bomb.
  • Iraq possessed huge quantities of chemical/biological weapons, in violation of UN resolutions.
  • American Intelligence agencies had determined the precise locations where these weapons were stored.

Hitler never regretted his decision to invade Poland–although he was taken aback by the reaction of Britain and France to it.  Both countries shortly declared war on Germany–just as they had warned they would do.

Similarly, Bush never regretted his decision to invade Iraq, which occurred on March 29, 2003.

Even as American occupying forces repeatedly failed to turn up any evidence of “weapons of mass destruction” (WMDs), Bush and his minions claimed the invasion a good thing.

In fact, Bush–who hid out the Vietnam war in the Texas Air National Guard–even joked publicly about the absence of WMDs.

He did so at a White House Correspondents dinner on March 24, 2004–one year after he had started the war.

To Bush, the non-existent WMDs were nothing more than the butt of a joke that night. While an overhead projector displayed photos of a puzzled-looking Bush searching around the Oval Office, Bush recited a comedy routine.

“Those weapons of mass destruction have gotta be somewhere,” Bush laughed, while a photo showed him poking around the corners in the Oval Office.

“Nope–no weapons over there! Maybe they’re under here,” he said, as a photo showed him looking under a desk.

Meanwhile, an assembly of wealthy, pampered men and women–the elite of America’s media and political classes–laughed heartily during Bush’s performance.

Ultimately, the war that Bush had deliberately provoked would take the lives of 4,486 Americans.

Click here: Bush laughs at no WMD in Iraq – YouTube

Contrast all this with the letter almost 100 right-wing Republicans sent President Barack Obama on November 19:

“Dear Mr. President,” the letter opens. “We, the undersigned, are deeply troubled by your current comments that you are considering Ambassador Susan Rice to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

“Though Ambassador Rice has been our representative to the U.N., we believe her misleading statements over the days and weeks following the attack on our embassy in Libya that led to the deaths of Ambassador [Christopher] Stevens and three other Americans caused irreparable damage to her credibility both at home and around the world.”

Add it all up:

  • From January to August, 2001, President Bush and the topmost officials of his Cabinet smugly ignore warnings about a coming terrorist attack by Al Qaeda.
  • On September 11, 3,000 Americans die, needlessly and horrifically, when that attack occurs.
  • The Bush administration launches a year-long, lie-strewn campaign to convince Americans that Iraq has WMDs.
  • After America invades Iraq, no WMDs are found.
  • Bush finds this hilarious, openly joking about it.
  • All of that is instantly justified by Republicans.
  • Susan Rice repeats what American intelligence agencies told her–that the Libya attack was triggered by an anti-Muslim video.  Only later does the CIA call it a terrorist attack.
  • Republicans say they are “deeply troubled” by this.

Clearly there is a highly political–and hypocritical–double-standard at work here.

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