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To create the jobs needed by millions of desperate, willing-to-work Americans, President Barack Obama should champion–and Congress should pass–a nationwide Employers Responsibility Act.

This would legally require employers to demonstrate as much responsibility for hiring as the unemployed are now expected to show in seeking work.

Its first nine provisions have already been outlined.  Here are the remaining four:

(10) The seeking of “economic incentives” by companies in return for moving to or remaining in cities/states would be strictly forbidden.

Such “economic incentives” usually:

  1. allow employers to ignore existing laws protecting employees from unsafe working conditions;
  2. allow employers to ignore existing laws protecting the environment;
  3. allow employers to pay their employees the lowest acceptable wages, in return for the “privilege” of working at these companies; and/or
  4. allow employers to pay little or no business taxes, at the expense of communities who are required to make up for lost tax revenues.

(11) Employers who continue to make such overtures would be prosecuted for attempted bribery or extortion:

  1. Bribery, if they offered to move to a city/state in return for “economic incentives,” or
  2. Extortion, if they threatened to move their companies from a city/state if they did not receive such “economic incentives.”

This would protect employees against artificially-depressed wages and unsafe working conditions; protect the environment in which these employees live; and protect cities/states from being pitted against one another at the expense of their economic prosperity.

(12) The U.S. Departments of Justice and Labor would regularly monitor the extent of employer compliance with the provisions of this Act.

Among these measures: Sending undercover agents, posing as highly-qualified job-seekers, to apply at companies—and then vigorously prosecuting those employers who blatantly refused to hire despite their proven economic ability to do so.

This would be comparable to the long-time and legally-validated practice of using undercover agents to determine compliance with fair-housing laws.

(13) The Justice Department and/or the Labor Department would be required to maintain a publicly-accessible database on those companies that had been cited, sued/ and/or convicted for such offenses as discrimination, harassment, health and/or safety violations or employing illegal aliens. Employers would be legally required to regularly provide such information to these agencies, so that it would remain accurate and up-to-date.

Such information would arm job applicants with vital information about the employers they were approaching. They could thus decide in advance if an employer is deserving of their skills and dedication. As matters now stand, employers can legally demand to learn even the most private details of an applicant’s life without having to disclose even the most basic information about themselves and their history of treating employees.

(14) CEOs whose companies employ illegal aliens would be held directly accountable for the actions of their subordinates. Upon conviction, the CEO would be sentenced to a mandatory prison term of at least ten years.

This would prove a more effective remedy for controlling illegal immigration than stationing tens of thousands of soldiers on the U.S./ Mexican border. With CEOs forced to account for their subordinates’ actions, they would take drastic steps to ensure their companies complied with Federal immigration laws. Without employers eager to hire illegal aliens at a fraction of the money paid to American workers, the invasions of illegal job-seekers would quickly come to an end.

(15) A portion of employers’ existing Federal taxes would be set aside to create a national clearinghouse for placing unemployed but qualified job-seekers.

Right-wing capitalists and their paid shills in Congress would attack such legislation as radically Communist. But an Employers Responsibility Act would in fact nicely dovetail with the 1946 Employment Act.

Codified as 15 U.S.C. § 1021, this is a United States federal law. It states: “It is the continuing policy and responsibility of the Federal government…to promote maximum employment, production, and purchasing power.”

Unfortunately, that act has been seriously neglected.

And the results have been disastrous results for both American workers and American prosperity, according to the late Wallace C. Peterson, George Holmes Professor of Economics Emeritus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“No administration since the Kennedy-Johnson presidencies in the 1960s has taken the Employment Act seriously,” wrote Peterson in a letter to this columnist.

“President Kennedy established a 4% unemployment rate as an interim target on the road to a full employment economy. But after President Johnson left office in 1969, full employment has not been an important policy objective for any administration, Democrat or Republican.

“The nation needs a modernized full employment policy.”

Such a full-employment policy “would not only seek to bring the unemployment rate down to 3% or less, but would also aim at the creation of ‘good jobs’–jobs that carry with them an income appropriate to middle-class hopes and aspirations.

“Too many of the millions who have lost good jobs in the last two decades have not been able to find new, fulltime jobs. or have had to take significant  reduction in pay even if they were able to find fulltime work,” wrote Peterson.

  1. The last thing this country needs, especially by the Justice and Labor Departments, is a “job”
    responsibility anything ! We have had way too much government involved with our lives and they’ve proved time and time again they can’t fix anything. The majority of politicians haven’t ever held a job, ran a business nor founded a business. They need to leave this type of expertise to the Bill Gates, Paul Allens, Warren Buffets, Donald Trumps, etc…
    Politicians needn’t be telling the American People what they should be doing. They themselves should stick with what they know best; Exempting themselves from all the laws
    they want passed on the American public; Maintaining their “Rights” to 6-digit retirement incomes for Life and Free Full Medical Coverage for Life for them and their families . . .

    • “They need to leave this type of expertise to the Bill Gates, Paul Allens, Warren Buffets, Donald Trumps, etc….”

      Yes, we can see how well these paragons of corporate responsibility have handled this. American corporations are now sitting atop at least $2 trillion in profits–but they’re not using that money to hire AMERICANS. They’re using it to buy up their competition (and unload the workers there) or set up companies abroad, where they pay NON-American workers pennies an hour instead of the dollars they would pay to an AMERICAN workforce.

      Only when employers are required to behave like patriots instead of predators will they show a sense of loyalty to something besides their wallets and/or egos.

  2. “They need to leave this type of expertise to the Bill Gates, Paul Allens, Warren Buffets, Donald Trumps, etc….”

    Yes, we can see from the millions of unemployed Americans how well these titans of corporate responsibility are handling this. American corporations are now sitting atop $2 trillion in profits, but they’re NOT using that money to HIRE AMERICANS. Instead, they’re using it to BUY UP THEIR COMPETITION (and throw those workers into the street) or to set up plants ABROAD, where they can pay their NON-AMERICAN WORKERS coolie-wages instead of the dollars they would have to pay AMERICAN WORKERS.

    Only when employers are LEGALLY REQUIRED to behave like patriots instead of predators will they finally show loyalty to something more than their egos or pocketbooks.

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