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It appears that supermodel Heidi Klum should have paid more attention to the 1992 film, “The Bodyguard.”

And so should have her bodyguard, Martin Kristen.

Her soon-to-be ex-husband, Seal–an English singer best known for his hit song “Kissed by a Rose”–has accused the two of having more than a professional relationship.

In “The Bodyguard,” Kevin Costner plays Frank Farmer, an ex-Secret Service agent hired to protect Rachel Marron, a famous singer played by Whitney Houston (in her acting debut).

Marron has received threatening letters and clearly needs protection.  But she’s willful, spoiled, and difficult to safeguard.  Farmer gets off to a rocky start with her, but, over time, the relationship steadily improves.

Then, one night, Farmer commits the sin that no professional bodyguard must ever commit: He tumbles into bed with Marron.

The next day, he realizes the magnitude of his mistake and tells Marron: “That can’t happen again.  I can’t be your lover and your bodyguard.”

Marron is enraged.  She can’t understand Farmer’s apparent coldness toward her.  So she becomes even more defiant, refusing to follow even basic security precautions.

That is, until she gets a threatening call from the man she is now certain intends to kill her.  From then on, she readily accepts all of Farmer’s orders.

The climax of the movie occurs in a wildly improbable attack on Marron at–of all places–the Academy Awards.  The would-be killer targets her with a gun hidden inside a video camera.

As the red-dot laser sight closes in on Marron, a wounded Farmer blasts a shot through the camera lens, taking out the hitman.

The movie ends with Marron and Farmer going their separate ways.  But not before Marron yells “Stop!” to the pilot of her private jet as it’s taking off.  She then rushes out and throws her grateful arms around Farmer.

The last sight of them together comes with a voice-over of Houston singing, “I’ll Always Love You.”

Now, fast-forward to a real-life version of the movie.

After seven years of marriage, Klum separated from Seal in January and filed for divorce in April.  And the musician had no doubts as to where the blame lay.


Speaking with TMZ, he said: “Whilst I didn’t expect anything better from [the bodyguard] I would have thought that Heidi would have shown a little more class and at least waited until we separated first before deciding to fornicate with the  help.

“But I guess you all now have the answer you  have been looking for for the last seven months.”

Klum, 39, has denied having an extramarital affair with Kristen, who has guarded her for the last four years.

Through a PR rep, Klum told the tabloid TV series, Access Hollywood: “It is sad that Seal has to resort to false accusations.”

And Seal himself has since “clarified” his accusation through his own PR rep: “He was not implying that his wife was cheating while they were together, but he was merely pointing out that their separation and divorce were not final and they are still legally married.”

Tabloid TV and magazines have zeroed in on photos of Klum and Kristen “getting close” during a family vacation in Italy.

Martin Kristen and Heidi Klum

And rumors of a romance gained more credibility when an anonymous “friend” of Klum’s told PEOPLE that her relationship with Kristen was “complicated” and “hard to define.”

Seal himself has said he doesn’t expect his ex-wife to “suddenly become a nun.”  She is an adult, as is Kristen, and the United States isn’t–fortunately–a theocratic dictatorship such as Saudi Arabia.

But both are juggling with live grenades, and it is Kristen who holds the major responsibility for putting an end to the circus.

If Klum truly needs protection, then she needs it from someone focused solely on providing it.  That means firing Kristen as her bodyguard and hiring a competent professional to provide that service.

As a professional bodyguard, Kristen should know that romance and security don’t mix.  A bodyguard assesses a situation with one set of eyes.  A lover does so with another set entirely.

Mixing romance with security means crossing a line that must never be crossed between a protector and protectee.  It is as sacred a line as that existing between a doctor and patient, lawyer and client.

A bodyguard must remain utterly focused on one goal–ensuring the protection of his client.  He must feel absolutely free to offer his best advice and react to a potentially violent situation as he feels necessary.

And he must do so without worrying that he might upset his client or that the client might fire him for it.

There’s a well-known saying among security professionals: “Dead clients don’t pay.”

And the best way to become an out-of-work bodyguard is to lose your client by paying too much attention to her figure and not enough to potential danger.

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